The Family Album

The Celtic Colours family is large, extending far beyond Cape Breton Island, and includes the many volunteers, staff members and artists who have contributed to the Festival over its 20-year history. This collection invites you to explore an insider’s perspective of the Festival with a series of candid snapshots, special moments caught on stage and images from private collections.

A Woman’s Touch

This collection of photographs features inspirational and influential women have performed on Celtic Colours stages over the past two decades. Featuring works by Louis De Carlo, Murdock Smith, Neil Gascoyne, Jayme Burns, Corey Katz, Gordon Hotchkiss, Kerry Dexter, Steve Wadden, and Donald Cardwell.

Spirit of the Festival

This collection of photographs includes powerful images of the people and places captured during the filming of the documentary "Celtic Colours – Spirit of the Festival". Photographer Steve Wadden invites you to explore the deeper beauty of Cape Breton Island, its people, and their ties to the Celtic Colours International Festival.

Black and White Night

From historic to epic, walk through a collection of black and white photographs from the Celtic Colours archive. Featuring works by Murdock Smith, Grant Young, Steve Wadden, Neil Gascoyne, Ananda Kelly, Corey Katz, Gordon Hotchkiss, Kaitlin Hahn, and Brian Wunder.