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Make up your own Celtic Colours schedule with our brand new, easy-to-use Itinerary Planning Tool. Pick and choose from all the Concerts, nine nights of Festival Club and over 200 Community Cultural Events that interest you, and let the IPT collect and organize a schedule for you.

How to get started

On the schedule page, or page of a show or cultural event that you’d like to include in your personal Celtic Colours schedule, simply enter your email address on the form located on the right of the page to login then click the “add to itinerary” button found at the end of the event description and it will automatically be saved for you.

Save at any time by using your email address

By entering your email address you’ll be able to save your itinerary and return to it at any time before the festival to add or remove events.

Print or email your itinerary

When you are finished – or at any point in your planning process – you will be able to have your itinerary emailed to you. You can also print a copy!

Be notified of conflicting entries

If you see “conflicting entries” in red text on your itinerary in email or red box on the website it is because you have selected two events that overlap in time. This may not always be cause for concern as some workshops are day-long events that may overlap with an afternoon show.