Celtic Colours Live 2015 – Volume Three


Celtic Colours Live – Volume Three features 14 tracks recorded during the nine days of the 2015 Festival. We hope you enjoy this selection of performances showcasing artists from Cape Breton Island and around the world.

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Product Description

Celtic Colours Live – Volume 3 includes 14 tracks recorded during the 2015 Festival. Showcasing artists from Cape Breton, PEI, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and the United States, the collection features fiddle, banjo, pipes, whistles, flute, guitar, and songs—in Gaelic and English. Opening with a stunning group of tunes by international supergroup the String Sisters, recorded during the opening concert in Port Hawkesbury, Celtic Colours Live – Volume 3 presents a cross-section of the musical experience of this year’s festival.

1. The String Sisters
Liam Childs / Balkin’ Balkan / E-B-E Reel (Liz Carroll) 6:22

2. Kathleen MacInnes with Laoise Kelly, Lucy MacNeil, Liz Doherty, Lisa MacArthur, Kyle MacNeil, Laura Smith
Dh’eirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheitein 3:02

3. The East Pointers
Meals by Maurice: Uncle Dimitri (Jake Charron & Koady Chaisson) / MJ’s Favourite (Tim Chaisson) / Meals by Maurice (Jake Charron & Koady Chaisson) 5:54

4. Annbjørg Lien & Roger Tallroth
Pilvi & Esko’s Brudvals [Wedding Waltz] (Roger Tallroth) 4:34

5. Open the Door for Three
Mary and the Soldier 4:14

6. Kenneth MacKenzie with Mac Morin & Patrick Gillis
Dusky Meadow Set: Dusky Meadow (Dan R MacDonald) / Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston (John Campbell) / Beaton’s Delight (Donald Angus Beaton / Mike MacDougall) 2:27

7. Fred Morrison
Little Cascade Set: Hecla (Fred Morrison) / The Little Cascade (G S MacLennan) / Frances Morton’s (Fred Morrison) 5:22

8. Old Man Luedecke
The Early Days (Chris Luedecke) 5:46

9. Paddy Keenan with John Walsh
Sabrina (PaddyKeenan) 2:57

10. Shelly Campbell & Allan Dewar
The Last March / High Bass Set: The Last March (John Morris Rankin) / The Kames Lassies (Donald McPhedran) / Christy Campbell Strathspey / Anthony Murrary Strathspey / The Straw Man Reel / Bridge of Bamore Reel / Ann MacQuarrie’s Reel (Donald Angus Beaton) / High Road to Linton Reel 8:10

11. The Barra MacNeils
The Underachiever (Stewart MacNeil) 4:15

12. Aidan O’Donnell with Liz Doherty, Fintan Vallely, Gino Lupari, Lucy MacNeil, Stewart MacNeil & Boyd MacNeil
The Old Bush Set: The Old Bush (arranged by O’Donnell) / The Road to Lisdoonvarna (arranged by O’Donnell) / Farewell to Éireann (arranged by O’Donnell) 5:54

13. J.P. Cormier
Guitar Jigs: Shenandoah / The Chorus Jig / Q Jig (J.P. Cormier) 4:05

14. Liz Doherty & Lucy MacNeil with Lisa MacArthur & Sheumas MacNeil
Artists in Residence – Cape Breton Set: Michael Anthony MacLean’s Birthday (Lucy MacNeil) / Kilrack’s Strathspey / The Mortgage Burn (Gordon MacLean) / Mutt’s Favourite Reel (Jerry Holland) / The Rubbermaid Collection (Stan Chapman) / The Burtons of Glen Nevis (Iain MacHarg) / The Yetts of Muckart (James Stewart Robertson / Skye Collection ) 7:26