Carry the Music

Over the past couple of generations, Cape Breton tunes, playing style and musical culture have spread beyond our shores and been carried around the world. First to the most obvious of places like Scotland and Ireland—as our artists explored the roots and history of the music—and into industrial centres like “the Boston States” where Cape Bretoners would often have to go to find work. As the music’s popularity spread, our artists would increasingly be in demand to tour and perform at festivals in places like Denmark and France, places with some connection to Celtic roots. These days, the reach has spread even further. As a love letter to Cape Breton, and the Celtic and Gaelic culture it’s predicated on, we’ve invited folks from some unlikely places to show us just how far our music has carried. Tonight we get a glimpse from Russia, Japan, Jamaica and back. An astonishing and beautiful journey. Our hosts from Wagmatcook First Nation will welcome all with the beautiful Mi’kmaq Honour Song and a tribute to Peter Frank Bernard, whose music traveled far beyond his Wagmatcook home!

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