Music of the Night: Musique de la nuit

Date Friday October 14th 5:30 PM
Venue Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
Community Louisbourg
Tickets $150 General Admission
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In the mid 18th century, the Fortress of Louisbourg was bustling with activity. Built to protect the French settlements in the New World, it was a small but sophisticated replica of its mother country. Tonight we’ll take you back and bring to life the village within the historic reconstructed Fortress, before it fell to the British. There were restaurants filled with villagers dining with their friends. There was music spilling out into the streets. There were stories of the rum running days being told around the fire, and there was dancing in the hall. From the tavern on the corner you could hear singing and laughter. Now you can experience this unique time and place. Begin with a period meal, move through the village from venue to venue, kick up your heels and dance. The Fortress is a treasure and the music is magic. This unique experience is in high demand so don’t miss out! 19 & Over. Photo ID required

A note about this performance: Please expect 18th century conditions. This authentic experience will include walking the streets of the Fortress at night under the open sky with the possibility of inclement weather. People with mobility issues may have difficulty with the terrain and/or distance. Wear comfortable footwear and bring along warm clothing. Let the starry sky light the venue and music warm the soul during this unforgettable experience!