Getting Here

There are several ways you can come to Cape Breton. The most frequently used one is by car. If you are travelling by car, there are two entry points to the Island – the Canso Causeway at Port Hastings and the car ferries from Newfoundland. The car ferries to and from Port-aux-Basques and Argentia, Newfoundland, run from the Marine Atlantic terminal in North Sydney.

You can also take a bus – either a tour bus or a regularly scheduled bus like the Maritime Bus buses which run back and forth from Halifax every day.

If air travel is your choice, Air Canada has five flights daily between JA McCurdy Sydney Airport and Halifax Stanfield International Airport, with connections to major centers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. WestJet also flies direct between Sydney and Toronto 3 to 4 times a week.

Some distances to Cape Breton:

Boston 1352 km 840 mi
Chicago 2910 km 1808 mi
Fredericton 689 km 434 mi
Halifax 423 km 263 mi
New York 1683 km 1046 mi
Ottawa 1772 km 1101 mi
Portland, Me 1181 km 734 mi
Toronto 2108 km 1310 mi
Washington, DC 2058 km 1279 mi
London (U.K.) 4563 km 2852 mi


Climate & Weather

Cape Breton is an Island of many faces…ocean, lakes, highlands, valleys, plateaus, rolling farmland and wilderness forests. Is it any wonder we have trouble predicting the weather?

The fall, however, is the most predictable of our seasons and it is arguably the most consistently pleasant. In October particularly, the skies are almost always clear, sunshine is abundant and the scenery is…well, indescribable. Temperatures in October range from about 5 to15 degrees Celsius in the daytime, depending on where you are (it is, of course cooler near the ocean than it is inland) and it has been known to go below freezing overnight. Warm clothing is strongly advised, and if you plan to camp, you should consider taking along a heater of some sort.

More Information

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