Upcoming shows

Date Tuesday October 10th 7:30 PM
Show Cow Bay Ceilidh
Venue Port Morien Legion / Community Centre
Date Wednesday October 11th 7:30 PM
Show Concert by the Canal
Venue St. Peter's Lions Hall
Date Thursday October 12th 7:30 PM
Show Celtic Guitar Summit
Venue Judique Community Centre
Date Friday October 13th 7:30 PM
Show Big Ceilidh at the Big Fiddle
Venue Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion

Upcoming community events

Date Wednesday October 11th 10:30 AM
Workshop CBC Mainstreet Live
Venue Knox Presbyterian Church
Date Thursday October 12th 3:00 PM
Workshop Tunes & Talk with Alison Brown
Venue Celtic Music Interpretive Centre

Alison Brown


Alison Brown doesn't play the banjo. Alison Brown plays music on the banjo. Acclaimed as one of today’s finest progressive banjo players, you rarely find Alison in a conventional bluegrass setting. Instead, she’s known for leading an ensemble that successfully marries a broad array of roots-influenced music including Folk, Jazz, Celtic and Latin. Although banjos typically play “tunes” or “breakdowns,” in Alison Brown’s hands, the banjo truly sings. Brown never wastes a note. Rather than launching into banjo tsunamis, just because she can, Alison stops her precision three-finger roll to leave space for a lyric or other instrumental voice when appropriate. Don’t mistake it, there is plenty of jaw-dropping virtuosity in her playing, but it's always in service to the melody at hand. Brown always plays the words as well as the melody. Also a guitarist, composer, and producer who has won and has been nominated for several Grammy awards, we are excited to welcome Alison and her band back to Celtic Colours.