Chartrand Babineau


Nicolas Babineau and Alexis Chartrand are two young Québécois musicians brought together by a common passion for traditional music. Nicolas discovered music at the age of 7, trying the unused violin of his grandfather. Accepted as a violin student at the Conservatory of Classical Music in Trois-Rivières, Nicolas continues to learn several instruments, including guitar, electric bass, mandolin, banjo and Irish bouzouki. Specializing in traditional Québécois music, he released an album in 2017 titled Compos Trad in Local Flavor with the flutist and composer Jean Duval. Montreal violinist Alexis Chartrand is an active performer on the Québec and international scene. Inspired by Québec’s traditional music and dances, he is known for his energetic accompaniment of jig and figure dances and has pursued an interest in Irish and Scottish music and early music repertoire. He has also studied classical music and contemporary composition. They combine their sensitivity for this music and their interest in archival recordings, sometimes playing pieces with two violins, sometimes melodies accompanied on the guitar, with feet rhythm energizing the dance tunes. In May 2017, the duo launched its first album, Gigues à deux faces, on the Chemin Chez Nous tour in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Festival Performances

Wednesday, Oct 16th 2019 @ 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM

venue West Mabou Hall
locale West Mabou
price $15
host West Mabou Hall

A unique and informative exploration of different percussive dance dialects hosted by Mabou based dancer / fiddler Melody Cameron. The event will feature discussion and performances by featured dancers of different styles and will allow for some audience participation.

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