Darla MacPhee

Prince Edward Island

Born into the musical Chaisson family of Prince Edward Island, Darla MacPhee has been immersed in traditional music her whole life. Surrounded by fiddle music played by her Dad, Kenny, as well as her uncles and cousins, Darla took up piano and has played with the best of the best touring in Europe, the USA and Canada. She performed with her cousins in the traditional / Celtic rock group Kindle for years and was a member of the popular group known as The Celtic Ladies. A highly sought-after accompanist for recordings and live performances, Darla has recorded several CDs, including one with her father Kenny, two with Kindle, a special CD done by the Chaisson Family, and one with The Celtic Ladies. She plays with a truly unique style, powerful and poised, and is always a delight to hear and watch.

Festival Performances

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