Powered by four of the brightest voices in a new generation of traditional musicians, Fàrsan unites song, dance and instrumental music from the Gaelic traditions of Scotland and North America. Gaelic has long been a culture on the move. With strongholds in Scotland and Cape Breton, the language and music have travelled to the farthest corners of the New World, finding new homes and nurturing communities in the unlikeliest of places. Fàrsan’s brand-new self-titled debut release is a product of this legacy of movement and migration. Each member of the band represents an engaging new take on their cultural traditions. Màiri Britton’s Gaelic song and step dance repertoires have a foundation in her native Scotland, but are heavily influenced by her current work teaching and researching song and dance in Nova Scotia. Katie McNally’s fiddling and Neil Pearlman’s piano and step dance continue the strong connection between New England and Maritime Canada, both having grown up in the Scottish and Cape Breton music community that surrounds Boston. Elias Alexander brings an American flair to the Scottish border pipes, merging a love of the tradition with a wealth of new ideas.

Festival Performances

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