Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys

There’s no other band around like Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys. Led by fiddling wiz Gordie “Crazylegs” MacKeeman, the roots quartet features all-star pickers and singers, with everything from down-home country to reckless rockabilly to intricate bluegrass. Crowds all over the world stare in awe as Gordie plays with joyful abandonment. They create new fans at festivals wherever they play, from Tønder Festival in Denmark and Glastonbury in the UK to Merlefest in North Carolina and the Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia. Onlookers report Gordie and the Boys to be festival highlights time and time again. This is mostly due to the elastic-legged band leader nicknamed “Crazylegs” as he demonstrates his unique blend of Canadian clogging and step dancing. Since their inception, they have collected a mantle full of awards and recognitions. Their fourth album Dreamland (2019), produced by Nashville’s R. S. Field, has captured the group’s versatility and showcases their expansive talents. And while their records are tremendous, it’s their exhilarating live show that keeps people coming back time and time again and leaving with the same wonder and amazement.

Festival Performances

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