Màiri Chaimbeul & Jenna Moynihan

USA & Scotland

Fiddle and harp duo Jenna Moynihan & Màiri Chaimbeul’s music is a conversation rooted in the melodies of Scotland and Appalachia. Versatile and inventive, Jenna’s singular fiddle style draws from Scottish and American traditions, while harpist Màiri is known for a deep-rooted sense of Gaelic tradition with a distinctive improvising voice and honed classical technique. The pair met in 2012 at Berklee College of Music and are products of the thriving Boston music community. They have toured the U.S., Scotland, and France, with notable performances at Celtic Connections, WGBH’s St. Patrick’s Day Sojourn, and Edinburgh’s Scots Fiddle Fest. Separately, they carry a deep knowledge of tradition, but together their music breathes new life into old tunes and merges their wide-ranging influences into a sound that is at once grounded and adventurous. “The chemistry between Moynihan & Chaimbeul is a tangible, palpable entity at the heart of their collaboration, making for as natural a sound as I have yet heard in contemporary, instrumental acoustic music,” describes Folk Radio UK. Their first full-length album, One Two, was released in 2017.

Festival Performances

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