A Chéticamp Soirée

A Chéticamp Soirée

date Wednesday, Oct 11th 2023 @ 7:30 pm ADT
venue La Place des arts Père Anselme Chiasson
locale Cheticamp
price $35/30
washroom Yes
seating Reserved Seating

Chéticamp is home to a vibrant culture, rich traditions, and an abundance of music and dance. Soirées are hosted throughout the year in this Acadian community on Cape Breton’s north western coast—and with Celtic Colours here, throughout the week as well. Nicolas Boulerice and Olivier Demers, of Le Vent du Nord, met Chéticamp fiddler Robert Deveaux almost ten years ago during a Celtic Colours concert in Petit-de-Grat. They discovered common threads in songs from their respective French traditions in Quebec and Cape Breton and Robert began sharing songs of early Acadian settlers. This lead to Nicolas and Olivier performing many nearly forgotten Chéticamp songs both as a duo and with Le Vent du Nord. Those songs will find their way home tonight when the three team up onstage at La Place des arts Père Anselme Chiasson. Multi-instrumentalist Matt MacIsaac adds some tunes with a twist on the bagpipes and Chéticamp duo Sylvia LeLièvre and Marcel Lefort will round out this evening’s soirée.


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