Roots Run Deep

Roots Run Deep

date Monday, Oct 10th 2022 @ 7:30 pm ADT
venue Highland Arts Theatre
locale Sydney
price $45/40
washroom Yes
seating Reserved Seating

Celtic Colours International Festival At Home

We are so excited to be able to share Celtic Colours At Home with you this year absolutely free of charge. While there will be no access fee, tickets, or registration required, we will be gratefully accepting donations.

The Highland Arts Theatre, nestled in the heart of Sydney’s downtown, is a former church reimagined as a lovely, soft-seat performance space that hosts theatre and film screenings as well as all sorts of live music events. And it’s the ideal place for a show like Roots Run Deep. Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind are passionate about traditional fiddle music that has been passed on for generations. The Eastern Quebec-based duo’s repertoire of fiddle tunes, early country, and Cajun songs is played true to their roots with energy and respect. Steven MacDougall and Mike LeLievre—of the trio Hauler—have been touring, recording, and winning awards for more than two decades with their band Slowcoaster. Although the band’s sound leans more toward rock, reggae, and “salt-water funk”, the pair’s roots are deeply entwined in Cape Breton’s music. Those roots were exposed when they connected with versatile Cape Breton fiddler Colin Grant to form Hauler. Fortunate Ones is an award-winning, chart-topping, contemporary folk duo from Newfoundland, where musical roots are well-known to run deep. Their lush harmonies rise out of warm acoustic sounds as they sing songs of hope, resilience, and the human condition. All first-timers at Celtic Colours, tonight’s show is your last chance to see Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind, and your only opportunity to see Fortunate Ones and Hauler at the Festival this year.

Performing Artists

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