Songs by the Sea

Songs by the Sea

date Thursday, Oct 13th 2022 @ 7:30 pm ADT
venue L'Ardoise Community Centre
locale L'Ardoise
price $30
host L'Ardoise Men's Club
washroom Yes
seating Reserved Seating

Some places are a little more off-the-beaten-path than others, but all that means around here is that there are more sights to see along the way. And once that party gets going, it will be well worth every effort you made to get there. The French-Acadian community of L’Ardoise lies along the rugged and beautiful south-western coast of Cape Breton Island. It’s a twisty drive but there’s another ocean view around every turn. So take your time and enjoy the drive. Once you get there, you’ll be in no hurry to go anywhere with this concert, featuring songs in Gaelic, English, and French, tunes from the Scottish, Irish, and Acadian traditions, and a view of the sea from the venue.

Performing Artists

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