The Tunemakers

The Tunemakers

date Monday, Oct 10th 2022 @ 7:30 pm ADT
venue Judique Community Centre
locale Judique
price $35
host Judique Community Centre Development Association
accessible No
washroom Yes
seating Reserved Seating

So many tunes, so little time. Where do all these tunes come from? Sure, many of the tunes we are most familiar with may be traditional, having been composed long ago and passed down through the ages. But even traditional tunes were new once. New tunes are actually being “made” all the time. We have assembled some of the finest tune makers from the Cape Breton, Irish, Scottish, and Métis traditions for this concert tonight in Judique. Sit back and enjoy the show and see how many tunes you recognize and thought of as traditional were actually composed by someone on this stage.

Performing Artists

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