A Bell Without a Tongue

Monday October 12th 7:30 PM ADT

“To me the violin is a beautiful instrument, but without the piano it’s like a bell without a tongue.” This quote from noted Cape Breton pianist Marie MacLellan rings true tonight as all three performers in A Bell Without a Tongue have piano as their bedrock. Celtic Colours audiences will certainly remember Corrina Hewat and David Milligan for their many memorable performances over the Festival’s history, most notably perhaps their innovative big band folk orchestra The Unusual Suspects. But the first time they played Celtic Colours was as a duo in 1998 featuring Corrina’s jazz, pop, and folk-influenced traditional harp playing, rooted in David’s unique crossover piano style. The past Artists in Residence will join us from their native Scotland. Matching the drive of the fiddle, the Cape Breton piano style amplifies the fiddle melody with a drive when needed for inspiring dance, or adds overarching colour for a mournful lament. Allan Dewar provides just the right accompaniment to Shelly Campbell’s powerful, lively, and graceful Gaelic-influenced fiddling. Shelly and Allan will be joined by Chéticamp native Chris Babineau on guitar for a set of tasty and twisty traditional tunes. Jamaican-born steelpan player Pepeto Pinto will offer a new twist on the tunes accompanied by one of Cape Breton’s foremost piano players, Jason Roach.

Performing Artists

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