A Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday October 14th 7:30 PM ADT

Just as music evolves over time, so too does language. A century ago, you might expect there to be some underlying evil in a concert called A Wicked Wednesday, but in today’s vernacular, “wicked” has come to take on a more complimentary meaning, frequently used as an exclamation of excellence. In this context, “wicked” may just be the best way to describe tonight’s lineup. Cape Breton fiddlers Glenn Graham and Rodney MacDonald are well-known for playing some wicked tunes at dances and in concert over the years. With a family tree full of pipers and violinists that goes back well over 200 years, the first cousins ensure they play the tunes designed for dancing to the letter. Joined by Mac Morin on piano and James MacLean on guitar, they’ll have you up dancing in your homes. Featuring an intriguing combination of violin, cello, and bouzouki, É.T.É is a trio from Quebec offering a dynamic and modern vision of traditional Québecois and Acadian music, with musical arrangements incorporating folk, progressive rock, and classical influences. Lived experiences touched with humour and heart grace Lisa Cameron’s soaring vocals. Lisa, and her husband Vern MacDougall, have warmed the heart and soothed the soul of many an audience with their dulcet tones and straight-from-the-heart songwriting.

Performing Artists

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