Ceilidh in the Glen: Ceilidh anns a’Bhraigh

date Wednesday October 16th 7:30 PM
venue St. Mary of the Angels Community Hall
locale Glendale
price $30
seating General Admission
host Glendale and Area Community Cooperative
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

There’s a ceilidh in the glen tonight and you can bet it will be as strongly rooted in tradition as its surroundings are. Known for generous hospitality and enduring Gaelic customs, Glendale residents hold their culture in high regard and take their ceilidhs to a whole new level. From ceilidhs at the hall, to legendary house parties down the road, Joanne MacIntyre and Rita Rankin can relate to that. Beautiful Gaelic singers from Mabou Coal Mines, they’ll share the stage with Joanne’s sons tonight. Gillian Boucher grew up with ceilidhs, playing fiddle and dancing while Rosie MacKenzie and Dominique Dodge bring fiddle, harp and dance together with Jenny MacKenzie. The Fretless may not have grown up in the ceilidh tradition, but with three fiddles and a cello in the group, we’re sure they’ll get the hang of it in no time. Prior to the show there is a community meal offering Chowder Choices in nearby West Bay Road.

Performing Artists

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