Ceilidh on the Canal

date Wednesday October 16th 7:30 PM
venue St. Peter's Lions Hall
locale St. Peter's
price $30/25
seating Reserved Seating
host Village on the Canal Association
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

Tonight’s Ceilidh on the Canal in St. Peter’s features tunes from Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island played on fiddle, guitar, and piano, and a timeless collection of songs and banjo-playing with deep roots in the folk, bluegrass and Appalachian traditions. It’s an exciting mix of tradition and inspiration that comes through in rising star Kaia Kater’s songs and banjo-playing. Kaia has a way of making the traditional songs sound like they could have been written today, and her originals like they were written a hundred years ago. Donna Marie DeWolfe from nearby River Tillard, counts fiddler Shelly Campbell as a big influence on her playing. It’s remarkable to see how a student can absorb a teacher’s style and quality of playing, even to the point of holding their instrument in a similar way. Shelly and Allan Dewar have made many trips over to P.E.I. to take in the Chaisson family’s Rollo Bay Festival, and will surely find some tunes in common with J.J. Chaisson, Darla MacPhee, and Rémi Arsenault. Bring on the finale for this show right now!

Performing Artists

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