The Boys and their Ballads

date Saturday October 12th 7:30 PM
venue Boularderie School
locale Boularderie
price $30
seating Reserved Seating
host Ross Ferry Fire Department and the Big Wave Festival
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

Cape Breton’s music isn’t just about tunes and dancing. There are strong songwriting and storytelling traditions here as well, going back to the earliest Gaelic settlers. And while everybody has a story to tell, it’s a rare gift to be able to spin those stories into song. The best can make it look easy, taking their most personal experiences and making you feel them as your own—whether they’re singing an old song like it’s never been sung before, or one of their own that’s so familiar you want to sing along, even if this is the first time you’ve heard it. Buddy MacDonald, Cyril MacPhee, and Darrell Keigan all grew up on Cape Breton Island, where music was an important member of the family. Tonight they welcome one of New Zealand’s most prominent and gifted songwriters, Scottish-born Bob McNeill, and the multi-talented guitar-virtuoso and songwriter extraordinaire, John Doyle. This bunch will have you laughing, crying and singing along in no time.

A nearby meal option is St. Ann’s Songs and Supper

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