The Waters of Iona: Cladaichean Shanndraidh

date Thursday October 17th 7:30 PM
venue Malagawatch Church, Highland Village
locale Iona
price $30
seating General Admission
host Nova Scotia Highland Village Society
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

When the Gaels arrived from Scotland, 42 they brought their language, music and culture. The community of Iona is one of the places they settled. Rich in Gaelic heritage, the area has maintained close ties to the roots of its settlers, and The Highland Village has played an important role in maintaining that cultural heritage. There are few places more inspiring for a performance rooted in Gaelic culture and tradition than this little church on the hill, where you can see all four counties of Cape Breton. It was the waters of Iona that brought the settlers to this site and we pay homage to that history in tonight’s Gaelic- focussed concert. Fiddler and dancer Gillian Boucher’s grandfather was a well-known Gaelic singer and she has continued the tradition with her playing. Fàrsan unites song, dance and music from the Gaelic traditions of Scotland and North America while Gu Smior presents Gaelic singer, songwriter, poet Lewis MacKinnon and Gaelic singer, concertina player and dancer Hannah Krebs in a dynamic new duo.
Prior to the show there is a community meal, Iona Roast Pork Dinner less than 5 minutes away.

Performing Artists

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