Through the Generations

Sunday October 11th 7:30 PM ADT

Culture is like a jewel that is passed down through the generations. The music, song, dance, and language are the precious gems of a culture, to be prized, kept safe, and once received, to be studied, cherished, and revered. With this foundation, each generation makes it their own through the transmission of their craft. Tonight’s performers are great examples of just that! Violinist Dwayne Côté, piano-player Doug MacPhee, and multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Roger Stone learned at the feet of their respective parents while growing up on Cape Breton Island. A vault of knowledge in the Celtic repertoire, each is widely-respected in performance and celebrated for their ongoing contribution to the culture. Kaia Kater has deep family roots in folk music. Constantly reflecting what she sees in her travels, Kaia’s self-penned songs are a gift, presenting an important perspective in our world today. She was a standout performer at Celtic Colours 2019 and we’re so glad to have this vibrant banjo-playing singer-songwriter back for the second year in a row. Elizabeth MacInnis, from West Mabou, continues to explore her family’s fiddle roots as she crafts a very mature sound that belies her young age. Elizabeth will perform with Tracey Dares MacNeil whose Gaelic roots and decades of experience playing with the Island’s top fiddlers and pipers have contributed to her becoming the gold standard of piano accompaniment.

Performing Artists

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