Where the Artists Reside

Saturday October 10th 7:30 PM ADT

Each year since 2001, Celtic Colours has included Artists in Residence who craft important performances throughout the Festival. This year’s Artists in Residence are Troy MacGillivray—fiddler, pianist, and dancer from Antigonish County—and Irish flautist and singer Nuala Kennedy. Both are long-time performers at Celtic Colours, and each brings a long-standing career in music that is amplified by their musical experiences and research of their respective cultures and how they integrate with other cultures worldwide. They also happen to be great musical friends. While this year has meant that we have had to take a long-distance approach to their residency, Where the Artists Reside will show that no matter where one lives, the music must play on. Troy and Nuala will perform together in this concert, and with other musical friends respectively. Troy is joined by members of his musical family from the Lanark area in Nova Scotia, his multi-talented sisters Kendra and Sabra. Nuala will create some lively music with fiddler Tara Breen and guitarist Tony Byrne. Coincidentally, both Tara and Tony were over to Celtic Colours in 2019—Tara in our opening show with The Chieftains and Tony in our closing show with Julie Fowlis. J.P. Cormier and Dave Gunning round out this lineup with the splendid songcraft, rapid-fire guitar picking, and comical banter that they treated us to on their last visit back in 2018 during the Friends and Family show in Inverness. We’ll give you a chance to catch your breath before picking up where we left off with our first online Festival Club following this show’s performance!

Performing Artists

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