Glooscap Exhibition

date Tuesday October 15th 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
venue Friends United International Convention Centre
locale Cleveland
price Free
seating -
host Friends United Convention Center
accessible No
washroom No

This exhibition of works tells the stories of Kluskap (Glooscap) and creation stories from landscapes around Atlantic Canada. The artist, Dozay, has constructed her creative career around traditional native artwork, capturing First Nations culture and heritage. Although presently possessing a successful career as an exceptional and unique artist, Dozay’s focus has never been on the business aspect of her work. It is her unequivocal understanding of the spiritual aspect of traditional native artwork that has ensured that Dozay and her work are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

While on site, please be sure to peruse the extensive collection of First Nations art exhibited in the facility, featuring works in a variety of media and by various artists.

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