Sharing the Mikmaq ways, Reconciliation

date Tuesday October 15th 1:00 PM
venue Skye River Trail
locale We'koqma'q First Nation
price $25 adults; $10 children
seating -
host We'koqma'q First Nation
accessible No
washroom Yes

Engage and experience the traditional ways of the Mikmaq, by learning about Mikmaq ceremonies and healing practices. Make your very own medicine pouch.
Enlightened yourself on our medicine walks, our guides will walk you through the beautiful Skye River Trail, sharing knowledge and benefits of medicinal plants, as you learn to identify them. Feel Rejuvenated by our complimentary tea sampling. The nature and soothing sound of the Skye river trail has much to offer in our special event.

Contact Information: We'koqma'q First Nation (Susan Googoo) - (902) 295-0841 -

** Community cultural events are hosted and produced by non-profit organizations and community groups, held in association with Celtic Colours.

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