Underground Tour of a Coalmine

date Saturday October 12th 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
venue Cape Breton Miners' Museum
locale Glace Bay
price $16 adults; $13 youth
seating -
host Cape Breton Miners Museum
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

Call to book your memorable 90 minute tour. Visitors to the museum go down into a mine that has been tunnelled next door to the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll be guided by a former coal miner who shares stories from his life and the lives of his family, friends and mining buddies. Nothing can match these stories of the Island’s rich coal mining heritage as told by a miner in his former place of work. For 90 minutes, visitors experience the damp, noisy, claustrophobic conditions the miners worked in for 12 hours a day. When you come above ground you can tour the exhibits and learn more about the coal industry and the men and boys who worked underground, and the women who kept the coal fires burning. Make your reservation in advance to book your tour time. The museum is open through the week if this time does not align, please visit the website for more information http://www.minersmuseum.com/

Contact Information: Cape Breton Miners Museum (Mary Pat Mombourquette) - (902) 849-4522 - marypat@minersmuseum.com

** Community cultural events are hosted and produced by non-profit organizations and community groups, held in association with Celtic Colours.

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