Unama’ki Mawio’mi: A Cape Breton Gathering

date Monday October 14th 2:00 PM
venue Sarah Denny Cultural Center
locale Eskasoni
price $30
seating Reserved Seating
host Eskasoni Community Council
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

Cape Breton is known by the Mi’kmaw as Unama’ki and today we get together for a mawio’mi or gathering. The Mi’kmaq culture has close ties to Cape Breton Gaelic and Acadian traditions, including a love of dance and fiddle tunes. There will be plenty of both to go around today. Fiddlers Mooney Francis and Anita MacDonald are sure to find some tunes in common from the Cape Breton canon. The Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers will contribute some Métis dancing while local Mi’kmaq group Stoney Bear will share their singing, dancing, and drumming traditions. Sixteen-year- old Emma Stevens has a beautiful voice and a keen awareness of her culture. This rising star’s Mi’kmaq version of the Lennon/McCartney masterpiece “Blackbird” has been attracting international attention, including a recent performance at the United Nations Habitat Assembly in Kenya.

Following the concert, the high school travel group is hosting a fundraising dinner Thanksgiving by the Bras d’Or just a few minutes away.

Performing Artists

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