I am so grateful to all for all the work that has been done to provide such a festival each and every year. The work and the pride is certainly evident in all aspects.

H. Phillips

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I’ll add to the chorus. The festival was one of the best “vacations” I’ve ever had. Your team of organizers, event planners, staffers, – everyone involved – should be extremely proud of yourselves. Thanks so very much.

Paul A – Seattle, Washington

Just watched the amazing final concert from Sydney. Last year I was over for Celtic Colours but the traveling is too much having to go Edinburgh/London/Halifax. Thank you so much for coming up with the idea of doing the live stream concerts. Well worth staying up for. Cape Breton fiddlers are awesome. You have made this girl very happy over the last 10 days.

Isobel G – October 19, near Edinburgh

This brings money into our community and our school. Honestly, this is a terrific fundraiser for us. We profit about $2,000 with everything we do.

Marie Barry – North Highland Elementary School

“We are delighted to find returning musicians who are veteran Celtic Colours visitors coming to participate in our jams and take workshops. It seems that we have a high proportion of international visitors taking our music workshops, and staying in our community for several days”

Greg Silver – St. Peter’s Economic Development Organization

The tourism sector is very pleased with the extra traffic/more sales because of Celtc Colours. The number of activities surrounding the two concerts held in Cheticamp seems to be very much appreciated. Merci beaucoup!

Lisette Aucoin-Bourgeois – La Société Saint-Pierre, Chéticamp

Economically it is a marvellous success, not only to the specific venue, but to other businesses and community groups in the area. Socially, the residents get together to plan, help and participate.

Barbara Downie – Judique Community Centre

I am just filled up with fantastic memories and inspiration from Celtic Colours. It was wonderful to be back and you are all just doing an amazing job!! All the cooperation with all the other musicians was so giving.

Artist Helene Blum – Denmark

The whole experience of Artist in Residence was overwhelmingly full of incredible experiences – musically and beyond – and I will be drawing upon what I have learned for years to come. I can link nearly all of what I consider to be career highlights back to Celtic Colours. I am so excited for the new paths that this year’s experiences are leading to.

2013 Artist in Residence Kimberley Fraser

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