Alex Kusturok with Tim Turrett

Growing up, Alex Kusturok followed his mother Patti to Old Time dances around Manitoba where he was enriched with the Métis fiddle from a very young age. By age 7, the passion for music became apparent and today Alex makes his living as a performer and educator. Alex has released four albums independently, Phoenix (2020), Almost Live (2017), For Old Times Sake (2014), and Groove (2009). In his show you can count on a display of culture through music and dance, stories of his upbringing, and an energy that he hopes will touch your heart and move you. Alex has a blend of styles in his music—while he is greatly influenced by the Quebecois and Cape Breton fiddle styles, the Métis style remains at the forefront of his playing. Alex continues to be in high-demand as a performer and educator across Canada and was part of the Métis delegation that travelled to Rome recently to perform for Pope Francis. This will be Alex’s second time playing at Celtic Colours since making his debut at the Festival in 2018. He will be accompanied by Newfoundland and Labrador guitar and bass player Tim Turrett who played on Alex’s latest album.

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