Anna Massie


Equally at home as accompanist or melody player, Anna Massie is one of Scotland’s foremost guitarists. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, she also excels on the fiddle, mandolin and tenor banjo. Renowned for her work with Blazin’ Fiddles, Mairearad Green, and RANT, her reputation as a producer, presenter and musical director grows with each passing project. Producer of the Year for 2022 and three-time nominee for Best Instrumentalist at the Scots Trad Music Awards, Anna is a highly talented musician. She is the presenter of BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship traditional music programme “Travelling Folk”, and her Black Isle Correspondent vlog saw her win the Trad Music in the Media award at the 2020 Scots Trad Music Awards. In addition to performing with Blazin’ Fiddles, Anna will be joining Maggie MacInnes and Calum Park for concerts in Leitches Creek, New Waterford, and Glendale, as well as taking the stage herself for the Guitar Summit.

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