Ceila Cameron

Cape Breton

Hailing from Inverness, Cape Breton, Ceila Cameron has been playing piano and step dancing since she was seven years old. Starting off as classically-trained pianist, it wasn’t until her late teens that she took interest in piano accompaniment and from a weekend spent at the Gaelic College, she immediately fell in love with the unique and distinctive style of Cape Breton piano accompaniment. After high school, Ceila pursued a Bachelor of Community Studies in Music degree at Cape Breton University and even had the chance to do a placement with Celtic Colours for their 20th anniversary. For the last number of years, Ceila has accompanied a number of fiddlers at ceilidhs. Ceila credits Mac Morin, Allan Dewar, and Mario Colosimo as her biggest influences. When not playing, she enjoys supporting the community whether it’s going to a square dance or a ceilidh. Ceila is excited to be participating for the first time in Celtic Colours this year.

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