Forging the sound of the New Tradition, Dàimh is West Highland music’s proudest exponents. Dàimh, the Gaelic word for “connection”, perfectly describes the electrifying musical interplay between the individual band members, and portrays the interaction with audiences attending their breath-taking live shows around the world. It also translates as the connection to the deep musical well from which they draw their inspiration. On the Scottish music scene, the name Dàimh has come to represent the sound of a time and place, and musical integrity, that many strive to emulate. Formed over 20 years ago, the band has embodied the current wave of resurgence in Gaelic culture. The current line-up includes younger musicians who have progressed through the thriving Fèisean movement and Gaelic medium education system and joined the three remaining founding members to continue the cycle of the tradition. Recent achievements include receiving the MG ALBA Folk Band of the Year Award in 2015 and 2018, and passing the halfway mark on their career ambition of performing on every populated Scottish Island.

Festival Performances

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