Donny LeBlanc

Cape Breton

Donny LeBlanc is a popular fiddler from the Chéticamp area. At the age of three, he played along to Cape Breton music on CJFX radio by rubbing two sticks of kindling together. Among the fiddlers he listened to as a child were Arthur Muise, Buddy MacMaster and Winston Fitzgerald, all of whom influenced his playing. Later on, he took violin lessons and learned to read music, which helped him develop his ability to perform and compose fiddle tunes. His first recording, Traditional Cape Breton Music, was released on LP in 1985. In 1993, he released a CD, Rosining up the Bow, with Hilda Chiasson on the piano and Paul MacDonald on the guitar. LeBlanc’s most recent recording, Les Reels des Cap-Rougiens, was released in 2002. The house fiddler for Saturday afternoon concerts at the Doryman Pub from 1977-’97, today Donny can be heard playing for audiences all over Cape Breton.

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