Inn Echo

Inn Echo weaves hundreds of years of traditional tunes with contemporary originals and arrangements that both soar and make you catch your breath simultaneously. With technical precision, their mastery of instruments is the talk of the national and international folk music scenes. From Music PEI awards to tours of Austria and Ireland, Inn Echo is bar-none the traditional band to watch as they emerge as Prince Edward Island’s greatest Celtic fusion export in years to come. With the goal of bringing a modern influence to the tradition of sharing and arranging tunes, this multi-award nominated group adds a tinge of jazz, pop, and even electronic music to the trad art form. Inn Echo is the culmination of unique musical backgrounds from Canada and the United States, a key reason for their musical diversity and the dynamic and delightfully-distinctive soundscape they lay down. Their music will keep reverberating in your soul long after you listen, which is undoubtedly a major factor in having them return to Celtic Colours this year.

Festival Performances

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