Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers


Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers are three siblings from Winnipeg, Manitoba who share a passion for dance—not just any dance, it’s all about the Red River Jig! Michael, Jacob and Cieanna Harris began dancing at five years old. Michael, being the oldest, started performing solo shows, then Jacob followed in his brother’s footsteps and they became a duo. Cieanna enjoyed watching her brothers perform, so she learned too and they became a trio. They perform traditional dances of the Red River Jig mixed with modern dancing known as the hip hop jig. Through their gift of dance, they have had great opportunities to travel the world and they hold numerous achievements and awards. Their main focus is to attract youth through the rhythm and style of the hip hop jig. They hope to motivate and inspire people of all ages, and bring awareness that their culture is going strong. Formerly known as the Slick and Lil J Show, back in 2012 they lost one of their biggest fans and supporters when grandfather Ivan Flett passed away. With great sadness and honour, they renamed themselves the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Every dance they do is in honour of him.

Festival Performances

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