Kendra MacGillivray

Nova Scotia

Celtic music and dance have been a lifelong passion for Kendra and her family. Kendra has played her fiddle and taught workshops all over the world, at some of the most beautiful theatres and culturally-enriching Highland Games and Celtic/Folk Festivals. Along the way, she produced four recordings, won two ECMAs and a Music NS award, and met and played with amazing musicians, but coming home to play at the Antigonish Highland Games and Cape Breton dances, concerts, ceilidhs including one of her favourites, Celtic Colours with her sister and brother, Sabra and Troy, is what brings her back to her family roots and to celebrate friendship through music. Kendra loves performing for those who really enjoy and feel the pulse of traditional fiddle music and she has made it her purpose to pass that on to the next generation as much as she can. At the age of sixteen, Kendra taught her first fiddle lesson and her love of teaching developed into a thirty-year Celtic Music School that traveled from Antigonish to Halifax and then with her husband, Bruce Rainnie ,over to Charlottetown, PEI and now back to Dartmouth with her two sons, Mark and Alistair. With advances in technology, Kendra’s students now extend across Canada and with the help of her former students and musical friends, Celtic fiddle music continues to thrive!

Festival Performances

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