Kevin Dugas

Cape Breton

Born in Inverness, Cape Breton, Kevin Dugas has been playing the great highland bagpipe for 25 years. Growing up he was surrounded by family and local tradition bearers who played the fiddle, piano, pipes, and step danced. Kevin was inspired musically by his Scottish and Acadian roots, and the many great traditional musicians from Inverness County. With a family history of piping and music tradition, notably among his great-grandfather’s family, Hughie Dan MacDonnell, Kevin took to the pipes naturally, beginning at 10 years of age. As a professional class competitive bagpiper and composer, Kevin has traveled the world as a member of the 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel Grade 1 Pipe Band for 17 years. The 78th Highlanders have been the leading pipe band in Atlantic Canada for many decades. Some of Kevin’s influential piping mentors over the years include John MacLean, Bruce Gandy, Matt MacIsaac, and Alasdair Gillies. Kevin has also performed with the traditional piping group Nuallan, who most recently performed at the William Kennedy Piping Festival in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Currently, Kevin works as a Healthcare Social Worker with the cardiology team at the Halifax Infirmary.

Festival Performances

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