Krista & Rhonda Touesnard

Nova Scotia

Bookending the fabled fiddling skills of their sister, Tara, the talents of Rhonda and Krista Touesnard also play a key role in laying down a legacy of fiddling excellence that is attached to their family name. Rhonda, being the eldest, was the first to pick up a bow and forge the path for her sisters to follow. Today she calls the Ottawa area home and is a devoted mother, committed to overseeing the dance career of her daughter Elianne. Krista, the youngest, works as a music specialist within the New Brunswick school system, remains active as music promoter, and still brings the fiddle out when the occasion calls for it. Krista recently teamed up with her husband, Rob, and their friend mutual friend Emma, to form the MRTI Agency operating out of Fredericton, specializing in event promotion and artist management. Together, Rhonda and Krista, along with their beloved Tara, were known as the Touesnard Sisters. Throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s they competed, and entertained audiences all over the Maritimes with their own brand of traditional Celtic music. As musicians they made many friends, and earned every smile that greeted them along the way.

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