Maxim & Gervais Cormier

Cape Breton

Maxim and Gervais Cormier are a father and son duo from Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. Gervais, a composer and multi-instrumentalist, and his son Maxim, a guitarist, composer, producer and educator, are a multifaceted pair with international experience. Gervais has toured internationally with John Allan Cameron and many other Cape Breton acts. Maxim is one of Canada’s most decorated musicians, known to audiences both as a “genre-defying guitar virtuoso” and an award-winning composer. With training in classical, jazz, and world music, Cormier strives to reimagine what guitar mastery can sound like. The 2012 Festival Volunteer Drive’ers Association “Big Sampie” winner has performed internationally in Scotland, England, Australia, and France. Maxim and Gervais have been playing on stage together for more than ten years and released two albums as a duo, including Live at The Fortress of Louisbourg, an EP recorded during Celtic Colours in 2019.

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