Morgan Toney

Cape Breton

Morgan Toney is a twenty-one-year-old Mi’kmaq fiddler originally from We’koma’q First Nation. He picked up the fiddle over a year ago by accident during his time at Cape Breton University. He has taken lessons from Stan Chapman and, more recently, from Kyle MacNeil. Morgan has lit a spark in the Mi’kmaq Nation. The fiddle is a very strong part of his identity as Mi’kmaq; players such as Lee Cremo, Moonie Francis, Vincent Joe, Wilfred Prosper, Sr. and Wilfred Prosper, Jr. have influenced Morgan’s fiddle playing. He decided to take the fiddle very seriously when he found out that three of his great uncles played the fiddle, and he wanted to make sure that the fiddle remains strong in his family, and that their legacies live on. With just one year of fiddle playing under his belt, Morgan has played at festivals, been in two documentaries, and had a few concerts of his own. If it was not for Morgan’s best friend Tyler Bernard (also a fiddle player), he would not have been playing. Tyler gave Morgan his first fiddle. Morgan plans to release an album in the near future.

Festival Performances

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