Robert Deveaux

Cape Breton

Robert Deveaux grew up in St-Joseph-du-Moine across the street from Chester Delaney. As a young boy surrounded by French and Acadian song tradition-bearers, Robert recognized familiar music in the Bottine Souriante records at the home of Martin Aucoin’s uncle. He also took an interest in Cape Breton violin, haunting the family-friendly dance halls of Cape Breton Island. At 15 he joined an Acadian musical theatre troupe, Le Théatre des Moineaux, with Hilda Chiasson who took him under her wing. This likely helped him eventually land a few piano gigs with Jerry Holland. Family friend Archie Neil Chisholm got Robert his first of many opportunities to play at Celtic Colours in 1997, accompanying fiddler Donny LeBlanc. Guitarist André Marchand of La Bottine Souriante was also performing in that concert. In 2004, Celtic Colours highlighted Le Congrès Mondial Acadien by inviting Brent Aucoin and Robert to open a concert at Isle Madame for Le Vent du Nord. That began an ongoing friendship as they discovered each other’s common French musical heritage. Robert was also a part of the music program at the Forteresse-de-Louisbourg for a time and has dedicated a big part of his life to researching and promoting ancient French folk songs. Robert returns to the Festival this year for a performance with Chester Delaney and Martin Aucoin.

Festival Performances

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