Ruth Keggin & Rachel Hair

Isle of Man / Scotland

Manx Gaelic singer Ruth Keggin and Scottish harpist Rachel Hair first met just over ten years ago during the small hours of a trad music session on the Isle of Man. Having since worked alongside each other in several musical projects celebrating the coming together of Celtic nations, both on the island and beyond, their mutual love and respect for each other’s roots and traditions has led to this new duo. On their debut album Lossan—recorded in the beautiful Erin Arts Centre on the Isle of Man in October 2021—Ruth and Rachel have thoughtfully arranged traditional Manx material alongside some newly-written songs by composers on the Isle of Man, reawakening traditional Manx lullabies, much-loved ballads and traditional jigs, exploring a range of themes including humanity’s connection with the natural world. Their collaboration celebrates the vibrancy and growth of the Manx Gaelic language and the connections between the Isle of Man and Scotland.

Ren yn arraneyder Gaelgagh Ruth Keggin as y claaseyr Albinagh Rachel Hair meeiteil son y chied cheayrt beggan ny smoo na jeih bleeaney er dy henney anmagh syn oie ec seshoon kiaull ayns Mannin. Er dyn traa shen t’ad er n’obbragh cheu ry heu ayns caghlaaghyn dy haleeyn kiaullee t’er chur er e hoshiaght cheet dy cheilley ny ashoonyn Celtiagh, chammah er yn ellan as cheu-hoal jee, as she yn graih as arrym ec y derrey yeh jeu son fraueyn cultooroil as tradishoonyn y jeh elley t’er leeideil dys croo yn duo noa shoh. Er y chied album oc enmyssit Lossan – va recortyssit sy Laare Ellynyn aalin ayns Purt Chiarn ayns Mannin ayns Jerrey Fouyir 2021 – ta Ruth as Rachel er reaghey dy tastagh shenn stoo Gaelgagh marish arraneyn noa scruit liorish fir-chiaullee ayns Mannin, doostey reesht shenn arraneyn-cadlee Gaelgagh, balladyn ennoil as purtyn tradishoonagh, as shirrey magh caghlaaghyn dy chooishyn goaill stiagh y co-chiangley eddyr sheelnaue as y seihll dooghyssagh. Ta’n co-obbraghey oc jannoo mooar jeh bree as bishaghey yn Ghaelg as ny co-chianglaghyn eddyr Mannin as Nalbin

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