Some of the most sought-after artists on the Scottish folk scene have come together to create a formidable new collective. Staran features Kim Carnie (vocals), John Lowrie (piano), Innes White (acoustic/electric guitar), Charlie Stewart (bass), and Jack Smedley (fiddle). The group released their eponymous debut album in May 2021. Staran—meaning path, trail or stepping stones in Gaelic—reflects the themes of places and moments that run through their music. The result of this collaboration is a rich and cohesive sound, atmospheric and textural with acoustic instruments at the heart of it. Comprising a group of established musicians in their own right, this collective is a meeting of musical minds that traverses a diverse range of styles and backgrounds. While the overall sound is rooted in Scottish traditional music, there are undoubtedly elements of inspiration from the genres of jazz, minimalism and experimental electronica.

Festival Performances

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