Stoney Bear Singers

Cape Breton

The Stoney Bear Singers is a contemporary style singing group based out of Eskasoni, in the Mi’kmaq district of Unama’ki or Cape Breton Island. The Stoney Bear Singers have been together since 2002, previously under another name, Akutiek Singers, which means “We are related”. They consider themselves fortunate to speak their Mi’kmaq language fluently, and a lot of their songs are sung in Mi’kmaw. Powwows and singing have became a way of life for the Stoney Bear Singers. It has given them the opportunity to come together and find common ground in the name of song and celebration. Their travels have taken them all over the East Coast of Canada, the North East United States, and onto Quebec and Ontario. This is Stoney Bear Singers’ third time performing at Celtic Colours.

Festival Performances

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