Big Time in Baddeck

Big Time in Baddeck

date Thursday, Oct 12th 2023 @ 7:30 pm ADT
venue Inverary Resort - MacAulay Conference Centre
locale Baddeck
price $40
washroom Yes
seating General Admission

It may not be the weekend yet, but a big time awaits you in Baddeck nonetheless! This 19+ concert offers you the option to have a few drinks with friends while watching musicians give their all on stage. This concert has a wonderful balance of traditional and modern music, appealing to all listeners. Andrea, Shelly, Tracey, and Patrick are known as some of the best musicians of their generation, and they are all always up for a good time and the fantastic music that comes with it. Villages have returned to their roots by reviving the Cape Breton sound of their ancestors, fusing it with modern inspirations. Be prepared to stomp your feet when Andrea Beaton and Shelly Campbell hit the stage with their powerful bowing and driving style. Tracey MacNeil’s influences and interests are still strongly devoted to the language and culture of the Gael as a granddaughter of native Gaelic speakers. And Patrick’s driving guitar rhythm will ensure your feet are tapping to their music. Since forming the band in 2014, Mama’s Broke has been gaining momentum fast, having already completed two European, and several North American tours, and tonight they are joining us in Baddeck. Want the good times to keep on rolling? Festival Club is located just 20 minutes away for those looking for more after last call.

* 19 years and over; photo ID required

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