Way Up Down North

Date Wednesday October 11th 7:30 PM
Venue North Highlands Elementary
Community Aspy Bay
Hosted by North Highlands Elementary Home and School
Tickets $30 Reserved Seating
Accessible Yes
Washroom Yes
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It may sound strange at first, but many locals refer to northern Cape Breton as “down north”. The seemingly counter-intuitive term is left over from the days of sailing ships when vessels were carried north by the winds of the Gulf Stream. These days we travel mostly by road, and a trip down north will take you along the Cabot Trail. Whether on the clock-wise route north from Chéticamp, or coming through the Ingonish area on the east side of the Island, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Highlands and the rocky shore below. And as if the drive wasn’t enough, once you arrive at Aspy Bay, you’re in for a real treat of French and English songs from Quebec and the Prairies and many fiddle styles including Cape Breton, Acadian, Irish, Scottish, French- Canadian, Canadian old-time, and Bluegrass. There’s a little something for everyone Way Up Down North. Nearby Meals: Top of the Island Seafood Dinner and Lobster & Crab Supper