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Joanne MacIntyre & sons

Cape Breton

Joanne MacIntyre comes from Mabou Coal Mines, Inverness County where she was raised in a culture rich environment of Scotch music, dance and Gaelic language. She has sung on stages around Cape Breton since her teen years, bringing the island’s distinct style and “swing” to appreciative listening audiences. For five years, Joanne was a regular performer at Highland Village as a Gaelic singer, step dancer and story interpreter. She now teaches Gaelic language and Gaelic Studies at Dalbrae Academy in Mabou, passing on her knowledge and passion for the language and its attendant culture to younger generations. A Lochaber descendant, Joanne continues to expand her repertoire of songs from the Cape Breton and Inverness County Gaelic tradition. Joanne received the 2012 Big Sampie award and released her debut album of Gaelic songs, Craobh a’ Mhathain, during Celtic Colours 2013. Joanne is joined by her four teenage sons James, Stephen, Niall and Cameron, in keeping with the intergenerational transmission tradition of the Gaelic culture of Cape Breton.