Màiri Britton


Màiri Britton is a Gaelic cultural educator, musician, and project coordinator based in Unama’ki | Cape Breton. She works in numerous roles focused on uplifting and celebrating the Gaelic language and culture, teaching the language in the community and at institutions such as St. Francis Xavier University and Colaisde na Gàidhlig | the Gaelic College. She also works as a project manager/coordinator for the Cainnt is Ceathramhan | Language and Lyrics Gaelic folklore project – the initiative behind the Nova Scotia Gaelic Song index which is inspiring a show at Celtic Colours this year. As a musician, Màiri is in regular demand as a tutor and performer of Gaelic song, stepdance and Scottish harp. She is a member of the Gaelic trad group Fàrsan, touring with them in Europe and North America. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Màiri retains strong ties to her motherland and loves visiting elders on both sides of the Atlantic to learn from their store of songs, stories and cultural wisdom.

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