The Presenters and Media Program

Designed to showcase Cape Breton artists and Celtic Colours International Festival to targeted festival directors and select media. Since the Festival’s inception festival directors and media have gathered at Celtic Colours for networking, access to concerts, Cape Breton artists and the behind the scenes of the Festival. Over time the Program expanded and currently provides financial assistance to invited festival directors, media and other music industry professionals. Resulting national and international media coverage has assisted in the promotion of Celtic Colours International Festival, Cape Breton artists and Cape Breton Island. This Program continues to achieve success in facilitating the export of Cape Breton musicians to national and international stages.

Although each year we invite select presenters and media the application process is now an open process. If you have found this site and are a presenter/programmer of Celtic music or a media person specializing in Celtic music or interested in providing international coverage of Celtic Colours International Festival please download an application form. Normally, delegates who are presenters are either festival directors or venue managers. However, we have also invited booking agents, record label representatives and other music distributors. If you are a music industry professional and feel your presence at Celtic Colours will ultimately benefit Cape Breton Celtic/Folk artists, please contact us.

The Presenters & Media Program can provide financial assistance in three ways: airfare, rental vehicle while in Cape Breton and accommodations. We ask potential delegates to indicate where they need assistance. As there is a finite amount of funding available, we do expect delegates to cover as much of their costs as possible thereby allowing us to help more presenters and media partake in the Program.

Delegates to the Presenters & Media Program can request tickets to concerts they wish to attend and every effort will be made to secure these in advance. Passes give access to the nightly Festival Club (including backstage access to meet artists).

All serious applications will be considered however acceptance into the Program is at the sole discretion of the coordinators of the Celtic Colours International Festival Presenters & Media Program. Please understand this incentive program is on an as needed first come first served basis.

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For more information please email:

Jennifer Currie –
Presenters & Media Program

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